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DVREDF offers financing to a broad range of organizations and projects. Find out if your organization is eligible and take the next step towards partnering with DVREDF by filling out our pre-application.

Loan Process

  1. The first step in the loan application process is to complete the loan pre-application via this website.
  2. The loan pre-application will be promptly reviewed by DVREDF.
  3. Should staff determine that the proposed project is a “good fit” with DVREDF’s goals, the applicant will be notified electronically.  This notification will include a link through which to complete the full loan application.
  4. The application and all attachments are to be submitted on-line.  If for some reason the application cannot be submitted on-line, the applicant may contact DVREDF to arrange an alternative.
  5. After receiving the application, a DVREDF staff member will request a site visit or meeting with the agency. Staff reserves the right to request additional information as needed.
  6. The amount of time required to consider an application will vary with the complexity of the application, the quality of the material submitted and the response time of the applicant to produce the required information.
  7. DVREDF operates a Loan that meets to consider requests. Their recommendations are submitted to the DVREDF Board of Directors. The Board may accept or deny a recommendation by the Loan Subcommittee.
  8. The applicant is notified of the disposition of the Board by phone or e-mail usually within 7 business days of the decision.
  9. If an application is approved, DVREDF staff will work with the borrower to prepare the necessary loan or other investment documents.
  10. A Board resolution to borrow will be required by the applicant.
For information about the DVREDF back-to-business loan program, please check back in July. Details on partnership organizations and how to apply for loans will be shared at that time. Details on our other loan programs can be found on the Financing section of this website.