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DVREDF offers financing to a broad range of organizations and projects. Find out if your organization is eligible and take the next step towards partnering with DVREDF by filling out our pre-application.

Loan Application


    Loan Application

    A brief history of the entity and its current mission

    A brief description of the project, its relevance to the mission of the entity and its alignment with the DVREDF mission

    Project Information

    How does this project fit the mission of DVREDF?

    Who will benefit from the project?

    Sources of repayment of the loan, capacity of organization to complete, fund and operate the project and ability to repay the loan.

    Assumptions which the applicant used to determine the need for the project; what other agencies (for profit or nonprofit) are providing these exact or similar service

    What is the timeline for the project (pre-development through implementation)

    Intended impact of the project and what measures will be used to evaluate its impact.

    A description of how the DVREDF investment will leverage other funding for the project.

    The number of permanent and temporary jobs to be created by the project; the financial impact that will result from this project; and what communities will benefit from the project.

    Management Team

    Key employees of the agency and those associated with the project. (include bios and job descriptions)

    Previous relevant work experience of key personnel with this type of project.

    If a management gap exists, a description of how it will be mitigated.

    Loan Request

    What is the amount of the request?

    What is the amount of the request?

    What does the applicant propose to use as collateral for the loan?

    Documents to Attach

    A list of the current Board of Directors and Officers complete with their affiliations

    Project budget including income and expenses. For general support requests, attach current organizational budget.

    Three years of audited financial statements (if not required to produce audited statements agencies should submit their three most recent IRS 990s); current year P&L; projected organizational budget during the project and in the full year after the completion of the project.

    3 years of signed tax returns of (a) borrower, (b) any guarantors [2-years would work here], any affiliates [companies or entities not guaranteeing but could provide support for the loan 2-years]

    Personal signed financial statement of (a) borrower, if individual, (b) all individual guarantors

    Business P&L within the last 3-6 months. CPA balance sheet and income statement would be best, even if it is 'compiled'.

    A signed 4506, which we send to the IRS to verify the tax returns given match those filed.

    Recent appraisal or business valuation of the collateral to be secured.

    Data related to the project including a business plan, market analysis, feasibility study, etc.

    For information about the DVREDF back-to-business loan program, please check back in July. Details on partnership organizations and how to apply for loans will be shared at that time. Details on our other loan programs can be found on the Financing section of this website.